Gamification and Motivation

The information in this web site is based on a recent systematic analysis of empirical evidence regarding the impact game elements and learning contexts have on motivation in gamified learning. You can explore the web site on your own, try the "Gamify My Lesson" tool, or take the quick course.

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What is the Gamification of Education?

Gamification has been growing in popularity among educators as an instructional strategy. However, there is confusion about what gamification of education looks like and its effectiveness in regards to motivation and learning.

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Game Elements and Motivation

Learn how about different game elements and their effects on motivation. Learn how to integrate game elements in different learning contexts in ways that increase intrinsic motivation.

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This unique tool will help you design a gamified lesson that adheres to sound pedagogy and gamification best practices. You will create an editable and printable gamified lesson plan.

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